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A speedy upgrade to your garden with Rhinoweld welded mesh gabions

Category: General News | Published on 05-July-2021 08:10:20

If you are looking for a way to improve your garden, our team of experts at Stratagreen have the solution to make your next landscaping project come to life. Stratagreen is a one-stop-shop of landscaping and horticultural products that distributes Australia-wide. So, you can always find just what you need to get the job done.

StrataGreen is a family-owned business that has been servicing the industry for over 20 years. It supplies more than 2000 products that are used to make our gardens and landscapes, greener, more beautiful, and sustainable. These products include battery powered tools, biodegradable erosion control products, tree root control systems, tools, fertilisers, soil conditioners and landscape edging.

Watch how you can improve your garden with Rhinoweld welded mesh gabions

Colin is with Rick Sharpe, owner at Stratagreen, and commented on the amazing range of products that he has. Rick explained that one of the brands that Stratagreen own and are most proud of is Rhinoweld mesh. People just love the look of it in their own garden. Today, Colin is looking forward to seeing the one that Rick and Tim are going to place in this garden, and he can’t wait to see the overall transformation.
Tim and Rick setting up the welded gabions
Rhinoweld mesh gabions are ideal for architectural applications such as retaining walls, feature wall cladding, sound walls, as well as letterboxes and garden seats like we have here. Plus, they can be used for many other landscape applications as they combine the beauty of natural rock structures with the strength of a steel cage.
Rick is filling up the gabions with large limestone rocks
The gabions are available in ready to go kit form, or if you want to construct your own the components are available to be purchased separately. And you can even add a custom seat like the one we have here for the perfect place to sit and enjoy the garden.
Colin relaxing on our new Rhinoweld gabion seat
The next time you have a project on the go, get in touch with our team at Stratagreen, the on-stop shop for your garden or landscaping needs.Rhinoweld is available at Stratagreen throughout Australia and you can find out about Rhinoweld welded mesh gabions hereor here:


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