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Erosion Control

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Why You Should Buy a Coir Log for Erosion Control

Left to its own devices, nature will wreak havoc on both natural and human-made landscapes, so it's vital for those working in the landscaping and horticultural industries to take preventative measures wherever possible. If you need to control the erosion caused by water and the wind near lakes and rivers, you might be interested in purchasing coir logs instead of employing cement stabilisation techniques or using expensive Ripraps. If you use a coir log for erosion control, you can feel confident that you're doing your part for the environment because it will biodegrade in the space of four to five years.

However, if you want to purchase a coir log for erosion control, you need to find a reputable provider because of the crucial job for which it's responsible. Coir logs should put up strong resistance to harsh weather conditions and remain firmly in place regardless of the weather. The best products can stabilise shorelines and manage changes in stream flow velocity, but only if you buy coir logs from a supplier that only stocks high-quality products. Fortunately, if you need a coir log for erosion control, you needn't look any further than us.

At StrataGreen, we've been serving the landscaping and horticultural industries for over two decades, and most of our customers would never look elsewhere because we offer high-value prices, prompt deliveries, and exceptional customer service. We sell products ranging from coir logs to bamboo garden canes, so whatever you need for your next big project, we have the equipment readily available. Contact us today to find out more about our fantastic product range.