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Perfectly Shaped Hedges Using High Quality Loppers

Last night your neighbour came over frustrated that their garden project is not producing the look they hoped. They want shaped hedges, but are struggling with their secateurs on thicker branches and have come to you, a seasoned landscaper for advice. When secateurs don't cut it, high quality loppers & hedge shears have long handles and easily clip through thick brush for quick shaping, path clearance, or maintaining hard to reach bushes. Loppers & hedge shears allow you to sculpt precision shapes into your bushes all the way around them. You refer your neighbour to StrataGreen who has a wide selection of high quality loppers & hedge shears varying in size, length and handle grip to ensure the most comfortable handling. Visit our Canning Vale store or shop online for premium high quality loppers & hedge shears dispatched rapidly and backed by our full support with a satisfaction guarantee. Payments are secured through encryption processing or call our store for person-to-person order placement. Most orders ship within one business day, and if the selected tool is not a good match, we’ll happily accept it back within 100 days.

Our team has over twenty years of landscaping and land development experience, and we are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality tools, equipment and supplies to commercial and amateur landscapers. We’ll coach you on care for your lopper or hedge shear as regular cleaning and sharpening increase the longevity of your tools. Our one-stop inventory lets you select high quality loppers and other garden care essentials from leading brands worldwide. Join our community of horticultural enthusiasts for the latest specials, trending tips and new techniques for you and your neighbour’s next gardening project.