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Just in time for pruning: High Quality Secateurs Available Through StrataGreen

Category: General News | Published on 06-July-2021 08:30:45

You haven’t invested in your tools since you started working a few years back. Now, most of your blades are dull, hinges and springs are worn out, and key pieces of your inventory have gone missing. As a professional landscaper, working with substandard tools means extra energy and less profit. A top quality pair of high quality secateurs can save you time so you can get more done in a day. It’s about time you updated your toolbox. Just in time for pruning, StrataGreen has a broad range of high quality secateurs and other tools, equipment, and supplies for all your landscaping needs in one convenient location. Try out the Felco 100 cut and hold pruning shear for example. This efficient innovation holds the stem safely, preventing damage to the flower.
We’ve got your skin covered with thorn proof pruning gloves. Handmade from goat leather, these gloves are soft and ensure maximum comfort and safety at work. For larger pruning projects we recommend the battery powered Vinion Electric Secateur: Perfect for rose and vine growers seeking lightness, ergonomics, ease of use and precision, a veritable high-tech revolution.
Vinion Electric Secateur by Pellenc

Come down to our store in Canning Vale, Perth, or shop our entire stock online for rapid dispatch and options to ship directly to site.


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