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What You Need to Know about Mulch Using Landscaping Supplies from Western Australia Landscape Supplier StrataGreen

Mulch is a protective covering that, when placed around plants, offers several benefits. Mulch is made from organic material such as leaves, straw, peat, or wood, and applying mulch helps conserve moisture in the soil and prevents weed growth by keeping the soil out of the sun. It also keeps the surface of the soil cool and reduces the occurrence of heaving (this is when roots are forced upward out of the ground). Mulch can improve the appearance of the landscape and increase property values.

When you apply mulch, you’ll want to make sure to apply it in a thick enough layer. Just how thick depends on the type of mulch used. For most mulches, a depth of two to six centimetres is ideal, although you can apply unprocessed straw mulch in a thicker layer. Using a nice thick layer of mulch will reduce moisture loss during the summer months and keep the soil significantly cooler. It will also protect the soil in the winter, delaying freezing temperatures from reaching the soil.

Organic mulches will naturally decompose over time. This process enriches and improves the soil. The result is better aeration and increased capacity for holding water. Applying mulch also stabilises the structure of the soil by reducing the effects of people walking on it and rain falling on it. Simply put, mulch decreases soil compaction and keeps it in much better shape.

When and How to Apply Mulch

The best time to apply mulch is in the springtime after the winter rains have stopped and the soil has begun to dry. If you use mulch too early, you might delay the drying of the soil and hinder root growth, which requires sufficient aeration and reasonably stable, warm temperatures. The timing of your mulch application matters less with established plants than it does with new plants. Alternating cycles of frost and thawing in the winter can lead to heaving; to combat this, apply mulch at the first indication of cold weather. This way, you can slow the thawing cycle and reduce heaving, which can break roots. If you are applying mulch to established plants during autumn, water them thoroughly before applying mulch.

As mentioned, be sure to apply mulch to the proper depth to allow it to do its job of controlling weeds, conserving moisture, and moderating temperatures. Mulch that is too shallow or too deep can cause problems such as ineffective weed control or waterlogged soil.

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