StrataGreen 102 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY GLYPHOSATE 450 HERBICIDE PRODUCT CODE AP17231 5L AP9445 20L Commercial strength herbicide for control of annual, aquatic and perennial weeds in most situations. Active constituent is still Glyphosate but at a stronger concentration of 450g per litre. GLYPHOSATE GREEN 360 HERBICIDE PRODUCT CODE AP9068 1L AP9069 5L AP9071 20L Environmentally friendly Glyphosate formulated from special salts that do not bio-accumulate in the soil. Particularly useful or use in sensitive natural areas such as streams and waterways. o r g a n i c BARRICADE PRE-EMERGENT HERBICIDE PRODUCT CODE BARRIC01 1L BARRIC05 5L Originally registered for use as a pre-emergent control in turf areas, Barricade Herbicide has now also been registered for use in garden beds (under mulch) and potted plants in nurseries, public open spaces and residential or commercial gardens. Previously under an APVMA permit, the new registration allows greater rate flexibility, along with a wider use outside nursery stock. WHAT BARRICADE OFFERS YOU: APPARENT CONCUSSION 540K PRODUCT CODE A9314 20L Apparent Concussion 540K is a non-selective herbicide for the control of many annual and perennial weeds. Pack sizes available: 20L, 110L or 1,000L. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 540g/l Glyphosate SIMILAR PRODUCT: Roundup PowerMax & Sipcam Firebolt A9345 110L A9315 1000L APPARENT DOUBLE DOWN PRODUCT CODE A7236 15kg A non-selective herbicide for the control of many annual and perennial weeds in certain situations. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 700 g/kg Glyphosate A liquid formulation for ease of use and accurate dosing A herbicide exempt from poison scheduling providing good worker safety during and following use Long lasting control - up to 4 months in potted plants and 6-months in garden beds under mulch A great option for use across a range of plants including species normally sensitive to spreadable granule formulations