StrataGreen 104 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY APPARENT SIMAZINE PRODUCT CODE A9541 15kg Apparent Simazine is a pre-emergent herbicide which is most effective when applied to bare, moist soil. Because it acts mainly through the roots of weeds, best results are obtained when rain or irrigation water moves the herbicide down to the root zone within 2 weeks of application. The duration and effectiveness of control depends on the amount applied, the type of soil, intensity of leaching and the species of weed present. This product may be mixed with amitrole, atrazine, diuron, glyphosate, diquat, paraquat and paraquat-diquat mixtures. Available in 15 kg bags. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 900g/kg Simazine APPARENT BROMOXYNIL + MCPA Apparent Bromoxynil + MCPA is a selective herbicide for the control of weeds in parks, golf courses and lawns. Suitable for use with Couch, Kikuyu, Paspalum, Buffalo, Fescue, Bent and Rye. Controls Bindii, Jo-Jo, Cudweed, Dandelion, Catsear, Plantains, Thistles, Oxalis, Cape-weed, Creeping buttercup, Fleabane, Clover etc. Pack size available: 20L. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 200g/l of Bromoxinil + 200g/l of MCPA SIMILAR PRODUCT: Barmac Bindi Killer & Nufarm Bromicide MD PRODUCT CODE A16423 15kg SPEARHEAD SELECTIVE HERBICIDE PRODUCT CODE Spearhead is a selective herbicide for the control certain broadleaf weeds in turf areas. Control weeds such as White clover, Plantain, Capeweed, Cats Ear, Bindii, Jo-Jo, Cudweed and Creeping oxalis. Apply at a rate of 5L in 200-500L per hectare. Available in 10 litre container. J42788 10L APPARENT ATRAZINE 900 PRODUCT CODE For the control of weeds and grasses in Sorghum, Maize, Sugar Cane, TT-Canola, Lucerne and for fallow area maintenance and other situations as per the directions for use table. ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 900 g/kg Atrazine SIMILAR PRODUCT: Syngenta Gesaprimâ„¢ A9499 15kg