StrataGreen 126 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY SILVEREYE™ ANTI-BIRDNETTING Protecting your investment. Silvereye™ Anti-Birdnetting is high quality kitted polyethylene netting, designed to save your valuable fruit from damage by birds. Silvereye™ birdnetting comes with a 10 year guarantee against UV breakdown, and is manufactured from industrial grade HDPE Monofilament. Available various stocked sizes. Custom sizes available to order. SILVEREYE ULTRANET™ PRODUCT CODE SBN5100WK45 5m x 100m, White SBN5100BK45 5m x 100m, Black SBN13100WK45 13m x 100m, White SBN13150BK45 13m x 150m, Black SBN13200WK45 13m x 200m, White SBN13200BK45 13m x 200m, Black SBN13100BK45 5m x 100m, Black SBN13150WK45 13m x 150m, White SBN15150WK45 15m x 150m, White SBN15150BK45 15m x 150m, Black Silvereye Ultranet™ is a long lasting, heavy duty 45gsm knitted bird net that is ideal for commercial use year after year. The heavier grade of mesh ensures greater prevention against accidental tearing, an annoying and time consuming problem. Mesh size is 15x15mm diamond. Colours available are black and white. All sizes come with contrasting centre and side stripes to assist in installation, and are packaged to allow first application directly from the bale. INSECT NETTING PRODUCT CODE IN285 2.8m x 5m, 45gsm IN28100 2.8m x 100m, 45gsm A quick and easy, chemical free solution to keep unwanted pests away from fruit trees and large garden beds. This insect netting is a 2mm Woven, 45gsm, white, UV Stabilised net for excluding most Flying Insects such as Cabbage Moth, Fruit Fly and Codling Moth. It has a 20% Shade Factor. Available in 5m and 100m lengths.