HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU ROOTSTOP LINEAR BARRIER TYPICAL INSTALLATION NOTE: Top edge must be above finished grade to prevent root migration above barrier. Distance to be determined by a qualified arborist upon site inspection and consideration of species involved. Trench to be cut and roots to be pruned using industry accepted pruning methods. Trench to be backfilled using a maximum 12mm smooth aggregate. Depth to be determined by a qualified arborist upon site inspections and consideration of species involved. DISCLAIMER: This product is designed to be a barrier to tree roots. However due to variation in tree species, and site and soil conditions, StrataGreen takes no responsibility for liabilities caused by root growth. URBAN TREES AND ROOT CONTROL ROOTSTOP There are many situations where tree roots can be allowed to spread freely in certain directions, but must be restricted from preceding into an adjacent property, or under pavement, or towards the foundations of a building or underground services. In these circumstances a continuous durable physical barrier of sufficient depth is often the answer. Rootstop Root Control Barrier is robust, and its rigidity makes it easy to lay in a narrow trench which can be dug by a trenching machine or narrow backhoe bucket. Rootstop is constructed from a special plastic formulation, which does not become brittle and break down in the ground, nor is affected by chemical leaching into the soil. PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION 500mm Wide, 50m Roll Length RS500 600mm Wide, 50m Roll Length RS600 1,000mm Wide, 50m Roll Length RS1000 1,500mm Wide, 50m Roll Length RS1500 13