138 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY ARS PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY LOPPER Product Code LP40L Powerful, heavy-duty loppers from the ARS Corporation. Designed to withstand rigorous use in the field, these loppers feature high carbon steel blades with a non-stick Teflon coating and robust, but lightweight alloy handles. Cutting capacity of up to 50mm. Length 80cm. Weight 1,720gm. Comfortable Hand Grip Lightweight Alloy Handle Alcryn Anti-Shock Buffers High Carbon Steel Blades with Non-Stick Teflon ARS PROFESSIONAL BYPASS LOPPER Product Code LPB20S Features a shallow blade and hook constructed from high carbon tool steel and specially hardened and sharpened. Counter blade has a sap groove and the handles are strong but light weight with rugged comfortable hand grips. Length is 476mm. ARS PROFESSIONAL BYPASS LOPPER Product Code LPB30S Same features as per the LP20S, but with a deeper hook and wider blade for maximum cutting capacity and to prevent branches from slipping out. Length 482mm. ARS PROFESSIONAL BYPASS LOPPER Product Code LPB30M A longer in length version of the LPB30S, designed for easier lopping in hard to reach places. Length is 630mm. ARS ANVIL LOPPER Product Code LPA30L The all-new ARS high performance anvil lopper from Japan has landed! With features including forged cutting blade, forged counter blade, ultra light handles and ergonomic hand grips, this lopper is a top performer. Length 80cm.