26 139 PRUNING TOOLS BAHCO WORKHORSE LOPPER 70CM Product Code P280SL80 Sturdy and rugged, this model has steel handles and a large blade and counter blade. A very popular heavy duty lopping shear. All parts replaceable. 45mm diameter cut. Length 80cm. Weight 1,740gm. BAHCO ULTRA HEAVY DUTY LOPPER Product Code P1980F The biggest and strongest Bahco bypass lopper. Large blades and generous blade opening cope with bigger cuts. Parts are replaceable. 50mm cut capacity. Length 80cm. Weight 1,764gm. BAHCO BYPASS LOPPER Product Code P1660F This model has tubular steel handles similar to the P1450 for vineyard and rose pruning, but has a larger blade opening and a deep hook for heavier cuts. Length 60cm. BAHCO SUPER LIGHT LOPPER Product Code P114SL50 The blades on this lopper have a shallower hook, making them lighter and easier to handle. 50mm cut capacity. Length 50cm. Weight 648gm. BAHCO SUPER LIGHT LOPPER P116SL40 40cm P116SL60 60cm These super light loppers are designed for tough wood and have large cutting capacity. All parts are replaceable. 30mm cut capacity. Available in 40cm and 60cm. BAHCO ORCHARD LOPPER PRODUCT CODE P160SL75 75cm P160SL90 90cm These new loppers are made for people who prune above head height. Strong oval tubular aluminium handles reduce the weight without sacrificing strength. The deeply hooked counter blade traps all kinds of branches. Parts available. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU