StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY ROOT DIRECTOR Designed for the protection of pavements and hard landscape areas, the Root Director System directs root growth downward and outward. FEATURES Protects paved surrounds Encourages a deeper root growth pattern for increased drought tolerance Improves tree stability Integral ribs reduce root girdling Optional irrigation/aeration compartments speed watering and attracts roots downwards Cost and labor efficient foundation for stakes and tree-guards Simple to install when planting a tree How Tree Roots Damage Pavements Standard tree planting for street tree in unprotected tree pit. Roots begin to spread beyond the confines of the planting pit. As the tree grows, the roots undergo secondary thickening, which begins to lift paving and cause extensive damage. Cutting roots to replace paving or excavating the service pipe will seriously destabilise the tree, possibly leading to its death and removal. How Root Directors Help To Prevent Root Damage Tree planted within Root Director. As the tree establishes, the roots spread out and are guided downward and outward by the root director walls and integral ribs, and attracted downward by the supply of water to the base of the Root Director. The tree established with roots spreading out below the barrier where they can undergo secondary thickening withtout harming the pave surround. Tree stability and drought resistance are both enhanced by the deepers root growth pattern. RDC600 ROOT DIRECTOR RDC900 ROOT DIRECTOR Material: UV- stabilised medium density polyethylene (recycled) PRODUCT CODE TOP (mm) BOTTOM (mm) HEIGHT (mm) OPENING (mm) RDC600 600 dia 900 dia 400 600 dia RDC900 900 dia 1,200 dia 400 900 dia 14