26 147 PRUNING TOOLS GREEN MOUNTAIN HIGH LIMB CHAIN SAW Product Code GM214 High limb hand operated chainsaw for cutting tree branches. Patented 48inch chain blade which features bimatic carbon steel cutters, engineered for hand use and maximum cutting efficiency as the blade is drawn back and forth. Lightweight, but extremely strong, 25ft polypropylene ropes are attached to each end of the blade and a sandbag throwing weight is attached to one rope end. Made is USA. ARS ARBORIST PRUNING SAW Newly release by ARS, the ‘Pro’ series saws confirm that ARS are world leaders in design and production of pruning saws for professionals. The CT32PRO, CAM24PRO and CAM18PRO have razor sharp pull cut blades from high carbon tool steel like all ARS pruning saws. Special features of the ‘Pro’ range are moulded rubberised inserts on the handle for comfort and positive grip and reversible scabbard with safety lock and insert rollers. These saws can be belt mounted, or strapped to your leg using the integrated strap loops. These are truly brilliant tools for professionals and keen gardeners, and ones which will add to your efficiency and gardening pleasure. CAM24PRO 24cm CAM18PRO 18cm CT32PRO 32cm HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU