148 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BAHCO FOLDING SAW Product Code 396HP This saw has a rubberised grip with a locking mechanism for the blade. The blade has hardened conventional pruning saw teeth. Blade Length 18cm. BAHCO PRUNING SAW Product Code 3396T This saw can be pole mounted but is also widely used as a hand pruning saw. Blade Length 37cm. BAHCO TRIANGULAR BOWSAW Product Code BA3322151 “FORCE” range. Triangular frame with a plastic knuckle guard which protects fingers from branches while in use. The narrow tip gives access to awkward areas. Length 53cm. BAHCO FOLDING PRUNING SAW Product Code 396JT This pruning saw features the same handle as the 396HP but has a blade with Japanese style pull cut teeth. Blade Length 18cm. BAHCO POLEMOUNT SAW Product Code 3836T A very durable saw, with steel handle which mounts onto round poles. The curved blade has hardened teeth for extended wear. Blade Length 37cm. BAHCO BOWSAW Product Code BA102451 ‘FORCE’ range. Rectangular frame with knuckle guard. Length 60cm.