26 153 PRUNING TOOLS SILKY YOKI AXE Product Code 570-27 After almost 100 years of saw design and manufacturing excellence, Silky has added the YOKI ‘chopper’ to its lineup of superior steel blade products. If you are looking for the ultimate tool to attack multiple vegetation types, the YOKI should be at the top of your list. The YOKI is versatile enough to reduce vines, limbs and small logs to a more manageable or productive size. Similar to a bush axe, the YOKI functions much the same way, but can be used with either one or two hands and is much less bulky. Expect the YOKI to be a durable and long lasting tool with a blade you can re-sharpen and a custom-fitted carrying case with a matching hole-hanger that comes standard. SILKY KATANABOY FOLDING SAW PRODUCT CODE 403-50 50cm blade 710-65 65cm blade Available in two lengths: standard with a huge 50cm blade and a gigantic option with a 65cm blade. Five features that will help you choose a Katana Boy -1.Huge folding saw with its own carry bag that will fit under the seat of the 4WD 2. Possibly the largest folding saw in the world - A jaw dropping sight when extended 3. Easy maintenance and sharpenable blade 4. Cuts through a 50cm tree or branch like a knife through hot butter 5. Safety features to protect you, your hands and the blade. SILKY HAYAUCHI TELESCOPIC POLE SAW PRODUCT CODE 178-39 4.9m pole 179-39 6.3m pole Professional, telescopic pole saw - great for home gardeners, tree loppers, & yard maintenance. Oval aluminum shaped telescopic poles provide precise control over the blade (important for high cutting) Aggressive teeth on precision Japanese 390mm long steel blade. Available in two pole lengths 4.9m & 6.3m SILKY HAYATE TELESCOPIC POLE SAW PRODUCT CODE 371-42 5.1m pole 377-42 7.7m pole This is Silky's strongest and fastest cutting telescoping pole saw available on the market today. Perfect for professionals and incredible for home gardeners. Palm fronds and nut pods won’t know what hit them! Comes complete with saw blade, scabbard, sickle and extension pole. Available in two pole lengths – 5.1m & 7.7m HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU