26 155 PRUNING TOOLS WOLF ADJUSTABLE FRUIT PICKER Product Code RGM This handy attachment mounts to any Wolf handle for easy harvesting of fruit from a range of tree crops. The plastic grips with a sharpened blade, detach the fruit which is held in the cloth bag below. BAHCO POLE PRUNING HEAD Product Code P3437 This powerful pruning head has a reverse hook cutting action for easier pruning.Alsohasprovisionfortheattachmentofasawblade(notincluded) Suits AP5m Pole. BAHCO TELESCOPIC POLE Product Code AP5M This pole has a triple aluminium extension secured by a twist lock action. Length extends to 5m. ZING-IT THROWLINE Product Code ROZING2255 Offers extremely high strength, for pulling down “hangers.” Samthane™ urethane coating allows the line to glide over rough bark while providing excellent abrasion resistance. The exceptional low stretch allows greater control. Achieve higher throws with lighter weight. May be used for hand-throwing or with mechanical systems. Average strength 260kg. Weight 240g per 100 metres. BIG SHOT ROPE LAUNCHER Product Code BSHOT Big Shot can easily outdistance a hand thrown projectile, and is ideal for safely and accurately launching Throw Bags and line over branches. For secure operation, the Big Shot head mounts on a Jameson extension pole or on our special BSSP2P pole. BULLET THROWBAG Product Code RO161601 This canvas throw-bag is an essential item for every tree climber. Suitable for mechanical throwing systems and hand throwing. Also available in other sizes and weights. BIG SHOT POLE Product Code BSSP2P This two piece fibreglass pole is made specially for mounting the Big Shot rope launching head. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU