26 165 BAHCO CLEANING AGENT Product Code SAPEX Cleaning fluid for pruning blades. Removes dirt and stains, inhibits corrosion. 50ml Spray Bottle. ACCUSHARP KNIFE AND TOOL SHARPENER Product Code ACCUS An innovative product the Accusharp has preset, reversible tungsten carbide blades which always sharpen at the same angle, making it quick and simple method of putting razor sharp edges on knives, axes and garden tools. Also ideal for ‘touching up’ woodchipper blades without having to remove them. EZELAP DIAMOND HONE PRODUCT CODE EZLSF S/Fine EZLF Fine EZLC Coarse EZLM Medium EZLXC X/Coarse This popular versatile sharpener will produce a razor sharp edge quickly and easily. It’s convenient size and slim body enables effective sharpening of secateurs, loppers, hedge shears and snips without dismantling. It fits easily into the pocket or toolbox for easy access in the field and is available in 5 different grades, ranging from Super Fine to Extra Coarse. TOOL ACCESSORIES BAHCO PRUNER LUBRICANT Product Code ECOLUBE Environmentally friendly lubricant for pruning tools. 50ml Can. HARVESTWEAR LEATHER SAW SCABBARD Product Code HASAP Protects and holds your large curved or straight blade saw with this robust pouch. Fitted with a nylon fillet to protect saw teeth. FELCO LUBRICANT SPRAY Product Code FE980 This universal spray has been specifically developed for the cleaning and protection of all garden and workshop tools. Felco 980 protects all types of metal durably against corrosion and provides an effective water-proofing coating. Available in a 50ml spray can. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU