176 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY GREENA DIGGING SPADE Product Code S421PH1 Good quality digging spade with a 290mm x 180mm steel head. Has a poly handle and is strong and comfortable. CICADA BORDER SPADE Product Code HF04 Identical to the digging spade but has a smaller 230mm x 140mm head. The compact size makes it ideal for tree planting. SPEAR AND JACKSON ALLOY GRAIN SCOOP PRODUCT CODE SJASG55 ‘D’ Handle SJAS56 Long Handle A popular scoop with a high grade aluminium blade, great for shifting chips and mulch. Available with either a long handle or short handle fitted with a poly ‘Dee’ grip, made from Australian hardwood. Blade size 270mm wide x 400mm deep. GREENA ALLOY SHOVEL Product Code SN504EH2 Extremely light weight shovel ideal for shoveling light debris or for top dressing. Has an aluminium head fitted to a hardwood handle.