StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY GREEN PIT Tree watering system WATERING INLET GP200 65MM PIPING PLPR6520 - 20m Slotted 65mm T-JUNCTION PLT65 GREEN PIT WATERING SYSTEM The Green Pit Watering System is an efficient way of getting the water where it is needed. Applying water to the surface only encourages roots to come up (with resultant damage to valuable hard-scapes), and water is lost by run-off evaporation. Green Pit distributes water, nutrients and oxygen evenly and rapidly around the root ball for a strong and healthy root system which results in optimum tree growth. Because water seeps out while watering is in progress, a large quantity of water can be applied to the root zone in a short period of time. The Green Pit Principle: Efficient Tree Irrigation Surface irrigation is rarely efficient for trees; the top soil layer waterlogs leading to surface run-off, soil capping, compaction and wastage. Water has difficulty penetrating the deeper root zone. Green Pit watering system delivers water directly to the deep root zone. This eliminates wastage and reduces risk of surface compaction. If the surface is irrigated regularly to a shallow depth, roots will remain near the surface leading to a long term susceptability to drought. The roots are encouraged to establish a greater depth, improving long term drough resistance and tree stability. It also provides n access point for air, and feeding with soluble fertilisers. 18 65mm END GRATE PLEG65 WATERING INLET GP200A - Alloy 65MM PIPING PLPR6520 - 20m Slotted PLEG65 Fast and easy to install Saves time and money