180 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY CORONA FLORAL SPADE Product Code CSS47000 This small lightweight spade is ideal for light duty gardening. The 150mm x 200mm head is ideal for digging small planting holes and for working in tight spaces. Handle length is 1,050mm. CYCLONE DUTCH HOE Product Code C632402 A Dutch style hoe for turning and weeding small garden beds. Has a solid head and a tube steel handle. CYCLONE CULTIVATOR Product Code C629150 A three prong cultivator for soil aeration. Has a solid head and tube steel handle. CORONA ATLAS POST HOLE DIGGER Product Code CPD40020 This quality post hole digger has extra-heavy-duty,12 gauge tempered steel head for maximum strength and long service life. The heads have pre-sharpened blade edges for easy ground penetration and to slice through small roots. The 48 inch long handles are made from hollow core fibreglass for comfort and durability. There are ruler markings on the handles which acts as a depth gauge. CYCLONE EARTH AUGER PRODUCT CODE C655685 100mm C655692 150mm C655708 200mm Robust tool suitable for digging post holes for fencing, hanging gates, even for plant- ing trees and shrubs. Also used to clear over-grown grass around sprinklers. Available in a range of diameters from 100-200mm. NOTE: 100mm size does not include tamper for easy removal of dirt. CORONA EZ OUT TOOL Product Code CUT65001 This tool is designed for extracting 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch broken nipples and risers from irrigation systems. The Ez-Out tool grips and releases against the thread.