26 181 LANDSCAPING TOOLS CORONA MAN HOLE TOOL Product Code CUT63050 This heavy duty steel construction tool has a curved head design for the removal and re-setting of manhole covers by pulling instead of prying. SPEAR & JACKSON TOP SOIL SPREADER Product Code SJSS1 Well-designed implement perfect for leveling and spreading top soils, sands, dressings and fertilisers. Also handy for leveling garden beds and other soft surfaces as well as covering new seed after sowing. The tubular steel head is 710mm x 250mm and fitted to a long hardwood handle. CYCLONE CUTTER-END MATTOCK Product Code C634475 The perfect tool for grubbing-out stumps and roots, as well as general trenching. The sharpened cutter end can be used for cutting through roots. 2kg head fitted to premium quality handle. CORONA ROOT GRUBBING TOOL Product Code CAX71020 This root grubbing tool has a 36 inch solid core fibreglass handle with a thick moulded poly jacket for maximum strength and long service life. The forged tempered steel head is hardened for maximum strength, toughness, superior wear, impact resistance, safety and long service life. the head features an extra sharp blade with a steep bevel angle which holds its edge while cutting roots in soil, and an extra-sharp triangular shaped mattock blade for excavating alongside and underneath large roots. CYCLONE FENCING BAR Product Code C604225 Heavy duty steel bar with a chisel head that is ideal for digging and an upset head that is great for ramming or packing soil when setting posts. Length 1,830mm. CYCLONE CROWBAR Product Code C604447 Heavy duty steel bar with a point end and a chisel end, making it suitable for digging post and in ground support holes, and holes for planting trees, shrubs and flowers. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU