182 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BAHCO SPLITTING MAUL Product Code MES35900 A first-class splitting mail for the most difficult firewood splitting, this quality tool features a specially shaped 3kg head, fitted securely to a premium 900mm long hardwood handle. Another European quality tool for the professionals from Bahco. BAHCO HATCHET Product Code HUS06380 A hatchet from Bahco which is ideal for camping, gardening, and branch trimming. The head is high quality tool steel and the handle is first-grade hickory. Length 28cm. Weight 0.85kg. BAHCO 3/4 AXE Product Code HUS10650 A high quality three quarter axe for many applications. The high quality tool steel head is secured to the hickory handle by a jagged fibre wedge. Length 65cm. Weight 1.4kg. BAHCO BLOCK SPLITTER Product Code MCP25810 A heavy axe for use in both splitting axe and hammer to drive wedge. Ideal for chopping difficult and very thick wood. The fine quality tool steel head is secured to the first grade hickory with a jagged carbon fibre wedge and an additional metal ring wedge. Length 81cm. Weight 3.2kg. BAHCO PROFESSIONAL AXE PRODUCT CODE FCP18810 81cm L, 2.5kg W FCP23860 86cm L, 2.9kg W These two professional axes are ideal for both felling and trimming. The polished hardened tool steel head is secured to the first grade hickory handle with a jagged carbon-fibre wedge. CYCLONE RAKHO FIRE FIGHTING TOOL Product Code C631849 The original fire fighting tool. The essential implement for country fire fighters, farmers and contractors. Fitted to a sturdy gum handle.