188 StrataGreen WOLF-GARTEN MULTI-CHANGE™ TOOL SYSTEM For more than 25 years the unique Wolf-Garten Multi-Change™ tool system has been inspiring to professional and amateur gardeners alike, all over the world. Thanks to the ‘touch of a button’ technology many different tool heads can be used with just one handle, an excellent concept that saves you space in the tool shed or landscape truck. All you need with the Wolf-Garten Multi-Change™ tool system is a single hardwood or aluminium handle, and all your different tool heads can be stored safely and securely in your toolbox. TAKING THE STRAIN Gardening with Multi-Change™ makes you want to do more. Not only because of the wide range of tool heads and handles and possible combinations, but also for ergonomic reasons. Different length and style handles have been designed so that you can choose one which suits both your height and gardening needs. A further benefit is the tools’ precise working angle. You pull the tool head through the soil as opposed to the traditional method of pushing the tool. This not only makes it possible for you to work in an energy-saving manner and preventing back strain, but also ensures an even depth of work, thus uniformed plant growth. OUTSTANDING QUALITY Wolf-Garten™ garden tools are not only practical and look good; they are manufactured to the highest standards of quality available. All Wolf products undergo a series of rigorous testing procedures to ensure that they meet the exceptionally high standard required from both Wolf and the end user. Products are not only put through their paces in the laboratory, but are also subjected to demanding practical field tests by professional gardeners. All of which means that when you purchase Wolf-Garten™ product, you can be assured that you are purchasing a top quality garden product that will last you for many years to come. Pages 161 to 163 of this catalogue lists the available range of popular Wolf-Garten Multi-Change™ tool heads and handles. LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY