26 189 LANDSCAPING TOOLS WOLF CULTIVATOR/WEEDER Product Code IEM Two tools in one. Thee lance shaped tines break up and loosen soil quickly. Sharp weeding blade on reverse side cuts through tough weeds fast. WOLF SCARIFYING RAKE Product Code UGM3 Clears lawn of moss and thatch. Spring steel blades have a pendulum action for effort working. Fits all Wolf handles. Width 30cm. WOLF DUO - HOE Product Code ILM3 Sturdy, quality made tool for lifting and breaking up sandy, light or medium soils. Width 8cm. WOLF DUO - HOE Product Code IMM Similar to the ILM3 but with a pointed blade. Width 7cm. WOLF PUSH-PULL WEEDER PRODUCT CODE RFM 15cm Simply work blade back and forth beneath soil level. Wavy dual edged blade, self sharpens in use. Side guards allow you to work close to plants. WOLF MULTI-SWEEP PLASTIC RAKE Product Code UIM Lightweight, high quality plastic rake with 21 pliable tines for use on lawn, hard ground, patio or paths. Width 42cm. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU