190 StrataGreen WOLF GARDEN TINE RAKE Product Code UEM 22 flat spring steel lines for cleaning gravel paths, driveways, yards, etc. Fan and basket shape with a large capacity and no spilling of collected material at sides. WOLF ADJUSTABLE LAWN RAKE Product Code UCM Quality steel rake that has instantly adjustable tines from 36-58cm. Ideal for raking compact garden beds as well as gravel driveways and yards. WOLF LONGSPAN RAKE Product Code UHM60 Collects larger quantities of grass clippings quickly and easily. Specially designed tines glide along smoothly and cannot ‘bite’ into lawn. Also good for levelling seed beds before sowing. Width 60cm. WOLF BOW RAKE Product Code DOM40 Curved head can be pulled through soil easily. Ideal for use in soil or gravel. Has a flat top for levelling seed beds. Width 40cm. WOLF SOIL RAKE Product Code DRM35 A high quality, universal garden rake with a solid steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration and collection. Width 35cm. WOLF LAWN EDGE TRIMMER Product Code RBM Trims the grass that overhangs the edges of beds or border. Scissor action of the blade cuts as you push the roller along. LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY