LL760 760mm LL920 920mm 194 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BMS RUBBER FINGERED RAKE Product Code RFR The BMS Rubber Fingered Rake features 26 gentle but durable rubber teeth which effectively rake without damaging or lifting turf. The rake has an extra long weatherproofed shaft with a 57cm long cushioned grip for comfort and ease of use. Hammer epoxy coating prevents rust and gives this professional tool a degree of scratch resistance. BMS GREENKEEPER LEVELAWNS PRODUCT CODE These are two of the original development of BMS and have become an industry standard for turf craftsmen around the world. The lightweight, yet strong design of the Greenkeeper Levelawns makes them ideal for spreading screened topsoil. The three inner bars are open at the top and tend to catch any small stones in the dressing. The front and rear bars are angled to remove any excess material. Both models have a 1.8m timber handle. BMS ALUMINIUM DUMMY RAKE PRODUCT CODE ALDUM10 1,000mm ALDUM05 500mm Lightweight but durable and highly effective, the BMS dummy rake features a folded aluminium head and a 1.8m timber handle with cross strays for added strength. The head is ideally angled for screeding sand or top dressing. It is much longer lasting than wood. The head is reversible to a flat edge depending on the use. BMS LANDSCAPER LEVELAWNS PRODUCT CODE LL800 800mm LL1000 1,000mm The Landscaper Levelawns are a heavier tool than the Greenkeeper models; they are designed to handle the tougher spreading jobs. The head is made from 16mm square tube, strongly braced at each end for extra rigidity. Both models have a 1.8m timber handle. STEEL DRAG MAT Product Code DMAT The StrataGreen Drag Mat is widely used on golf courses and by local councils. It is normally used at renovation for rubbing in top-dressing to large areas such as greens or trees, where undulations and contours in the surface make a level lawn impractical. The weight and dimensions of the drag mat mean that it can be towed behind lightweight vehicles such as mowers, quads or carts.