26 195 TURFMASTER GOLF HOLE CUTTER Product Code TM1 The Turfmaster has been accepted around the world as the most accurate, efficient and quickest golf hole cutter available. The two blades are 1.6mm thin, case hardened and sharpened with an outside bevel to a razor edge. They make a clean cut with minimal root damage. The hardened guide rings ensure that the accuracy of cut is maintained. The diameter cannot vary, and careful use of the depth gauge will ensure that the plug will fit perfectly into the old hole first time every time. Time wasting corrections to the surface level are therefore eliminated BMS HAND AERATOR Product Code AER3T This robust hand aerator is designed with the professional in mind. It is ideal for aerating small areas were compaction may have occured or for aiding water precolation where the soil has become moisture repellant causing dry patch. The cores are ejected from the top of the tyne bar. These robust steel probes are designed for taking plugs of soil samples. The 25mm is designed for use on playing fields, and features a 300mm barrel, with a hardened steel cutter, designed to penetrate ground. The 50mm soil sampler is designed only for use on softer ground, like well watered golf and bowling green’s. The open barrel allows inspection of the soil structure before ejection. BMS SOIL SAMPLERS PRODUCT CODE SS25 25mm SS50 50mm The 50mm Round Plugger has a zinc plated steel tubular body and a replaceable heat treated steel blade, which adjustable for depths of 50-100mm. Each plug is pushed up into the tube as the next plug is taken, elimination the needs for an ejector. The 100mm & 150mm Round Pluggers come with a foot operated, spring loaded ejector. The heat treated blades are only 1.5mm thick and zinc plated to give a clean cut. Blade depth can be varied. BMS ROUND PLUGGER PRODUCT CODE RP50E 50mm RP100 100mm RP150 150mm TURF MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT The BMS Turf Doctor is designed to cut inverted pyramid shaped sods for patching and repairing small areas. The pyramid shape means that sod will fit quickly and neatly into each hole, leaving no gaps, and maintaining a firm level surface. BMS TURF DOCTOR PRODUCT CODE TD150 150mm/sq TD230 230mm/sq BMS TUFFORK Product Code TUFF The Tuffork is a lightweight but heavy duty tool for working with mulch, grass clippings and bark chips. The long hammertone coated aluminium handle is ideal for comfort and the specially engineered head is virtually indestructible. The tool can be used equally well for raking and gather- ing as for forking and picking up. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU