196 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BMS RHIZOME RAKE Product Code RHZR1 This specialised rhizome rake has a 180cm handle to reach high bunker faces, two chrome alloy cutting blades to edge in any direction, seven long pulling tines to grab deep roots, and four wider spaced tines to shake out sand. BMS CORE SCOOP Product Code COSC This Core Scoop is designed specifically for collecting cores of greens after renovation. The leading edge sits flat to the green surface. The square sides ensure that nothing escapes, so that there is no need to go over the area twice. BMS SOD SLIDE PRODUCT CODE SOD1 75mm SOD4 150mm The sod slide is a priceless piece of equipment for repairing damaged strips of fine turf or for cutting and removing turf prior to working on irrigation pipes. Simply push the sod slide to easily and very cleanly cut and remove a strip of turf either 75mm or 150mm wide. The two slides stabilise the cutting blade and fix the cutting depth at 20mm. BMS BEDNIFE BUDDY Product Code BED The Bedknife buddy is a quick and easy way to lightly ‘touch up’ greensmower bedknives. The unique nylon holding holding block moves the reel out of the way while the file puts a light clean edge on the front face of the bedknife. Astro 120 ME Growth Regulator is a quality formulation of 120g/L trinexapac-ethyl. It is an efficient and versatile turf management tool that maximises turf quality, pre-conditions for stress prevention and optimises resources. It is used for the regulation of leaf and steam growth of grass species and as an aid in turf management. Avaliable in 1L bottle. ASTRO 120ME GROWTH REGULATOR Product Code A120MEGR01