26 199 These popular German made sprayers come with shoulder straps and a safety valve. As with all Solo products, these sprayers are extremely robust and ideal for heavy duty, professional use. SOLO PRESSURE SPRAYERS PRODUCT CODE SO456 5L SO457 7L SPRAYING EQUIPMENT SWISSMEX PRESSURE SPRAYERS PRODUCT CODE SW319 5L SW320 7L The Swissmex 5 and 7 litre pump-up sprayers are constructed from heavy duty components for lasting performance in the field or commercial applications. A wide filling neck ensures spillages are a thing of the past. The rugged lance comes complete with a fully adjustable nozzle, strong level type shut-off and pressure filter. The lance clips securely to the pump handle for convenient storage and transport. Built-in pressure relief valve. SWISSMEX KNAPSACK SPRAYER PRODUCT CODE SW503 15L This heavy duty 15 litre knapsack sprayer features a dual piston/diaphragm pump, providing the benefit of achieving high pressure if required with the piston (over 6 bar), and the safety of a diaphragm pump as well. Fitted with Viton seals, this sprayer will last. Other features include a wide filling port, filling strainer and pressure filtration, lance and adjustable nozzle with Viton seals for durability. SWISSMEX ACCESSORIES SIZE PAKMAN SW219140C SW219282C Knapsack Protective Vest Spray Boom 4 Nozzle Mini Spray Boom 2 Nozzle SWISSMEX ACCESSORIES SW219099 SW219117 SW219236C Spray Guard Large 40cm Telescopic Lance to 94cm Spray Guard Small 22cm SWISSMEX ACCESSORIES SW219143C SW219089C Extension Tube 150cm Brass Adjustable Nozzle SWISSMEX ACCESSORIES SOLO KNAPSACK SPRAYERS PRODUCT CODE SO473D 12L SO475 15L High quality, German made backpack sprayers. the UV resistant plastic container is designed for maximum comfort and the robust metal pump level can be stored vertically. SOLO ACCESSORIES SIZE SO4900514 SO4900626 SO4900513 Mini Spray Boom 2 Nozzle Extension Tube 50cm Small Round Drift Guard SIZE SOLO ACCESSORIES SO4900449 SO4900445 SO4900430 Extension Tube 120cm Oval Drift Guard Telescopic Spray Tube 120-230cm SOLO ACCESSORIES SO4900206 Adjustable Brass Nozzle HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU