206 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY CHAMP 5 BRUSHCUTTER HEAD Product Code AV1325 The CHAMP 5 is a replacement head for straight shaft brush-cutters. These machines are fitted with a gearbox at the end of the drive shaft and rotate anti-clockwise when cutting. The CHAMP 5 will adapt to ALL straight shaft brush-cutters that accept a blade. The CHAMP 5 mounts on the same 25mm riser as the blade. Highly engineered from marine grade aluminium. The CHAMP 5 is designed for robust Australian conditions. There are no moving parts in the CHAMP 5 and special care has been taken with the engineering of the cutting cylinder to ensure there are no sharp edges bearing on the cutting line. Using fixed line, the CHAMP 5 is usually loaded with three lines making six cutters. The large number of lines means that wear is spread evenly over more cutting time. The CHAMP 5 commonly achieves up to two hours or more before line needs to be replaced. Line replacement and release is easily done without having to remove the head from the machine. The CHAMP 5 is provided with eight C spanner slots - a C Spanner is included with each head sold. SUPERCUT TRIMMER LINE Product Code AB1430 SuperCut line is a high performance professional cutting line specfied for use with the CHAMP 5. The line is manufactured from a formula containing nylon and polypropylene and is extruded in square profile A square profile line is recommended for these heads as it has been proven that it cuts faster and lasts longer. Pre cut to 350mm for ease of use. 90 pieces per pack. BAR & CHAIN OIL Blended with a special tack additive this oil clings to the chain reducing premature wear on the chain and bar. 2-STROKE OIL A high performance semi synthetic 2-stroke oil. Formulated for oil injection and premix systems. Dyed light blue. PRODUCT CODE LUB6008 1L LUB6009 4L LUB6005S 1L LUB6006 4L