210 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY TRAFFIC CONES - PLAIN PRODUCT CODE BTC760 450mm BTC761 700mm Australian Standards approved safety cones for all roadwork and civil applications. TRAFFIC BOLLARD 8KG Product Code BTB758 Australian Standards approved traffic bollard for all roadwork and civil applications. Has an 8kg base and a T-top. 1,155mm high. PRODUCT CODE BTC760R 450mm BTC761R 700mm Australian Standards approved safety traffic cones for all roadwork and civil applications. Includes a reflective band for extra safety and night use. TRAFFIC CONES - REFLECTIVE FE9001 9kg PRODUCT CODE FE001 1kg FE4501 4.5kg Dry Powder Extinguisher (ABE). Made to AS/NZS 1841. Supplied with wall mounting brackets. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS SPILLFIXER ABSORBENT Product Code SF20 Spill Fixer is an efficient and cost effective traditional absorbent. This absorbent was developed for use in all heavy duty workshops, as it is a non-dusty, lightweight absorbent that will not leach absorbed pollutants. 20kg bag. UNIVERSAL ABSORBENT PADS Product Code UP4545D Universal Pads are made from a blend of Polypropylene and other materials, that will wipe up oils, fuels, chemicals, solvents and other nasties... Fast. PRODUCT CODE GC05 5L GC20 20L Lemon Scrub is a lemon citrus based hand cleaner with poly grit. As is contains no solvents, it is safe and soft on your hands. Available in 5 and 20 litre sizes. LEMON SCRUB HANDCLEANER OPTIBOOM Product Code UB7512 Optiboom is a high performance, universal absorbent boom, used to contain oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, solvents and acids. 57mm x 1.2mm dimensions.