214 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY Quality flagging tape used by landscapers, contractors and horticulturists. Use this tape as a bright and easily identifiable marker. Available in White, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green and Fluoro Pink rolls. 30mm wide x 100mm long. FLAGGING TAPE Product Code HA1702 Economical method of cordoning off unsafe or “no-go” areas. Bright orange flags are great for visibility. Comes in 30m coils. ORANGE FLAG BUNTING Product Code SFBF30 Heavy duty tape used for sectioning off areas under development. Printed with 60mm characters on a yellow background, this tape is available in rolls, 76mm wide by 100m long. ‘CAUTION’ BARRICADE TAPE Product Code HA16100 Sturdy, 4 wheel line marking machine for use with Signet Line Marker paint. This handy machine is ideal for marking out ovals, parks, recreation areas, carparks and roads. FOUR WHEEL LINE MARKING MACHINE Product Code SIG21501 Highly visible tape for barricading off dangerous areas. 75mm wide tape with alternating red and white stripes and ‘DANGER’ written in bold. 100 metre long roll. ‘DANGER’ BARRICADE TAPE Product Code BTD713 PLIFIX LOCATION MARKERS Product Code PF-(Colour) PLIFIX is a synthetic grass implant for marking and locating various underground assets as well as marking lines on sports fields. Once installed in the ground, PLIFIX helps to indicate buried objects (tanks, sprinklers, cables, sensors, etc), show ground hazards and mark out building sites, camp sites etc. For sports fields, PLIFIX provides a very practical and cost effective way to mark positions on the playing surface and to mark locations for line marking with PLIFIX clearly visible in the grass. PLIFIX can be either left in the ground permanently, or moved as and when required. Available in red, white, blue and yellow. 25 PLIFIX markers per pack.