218 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY CLOGGER CHAINSAW TROUSERS Why risk painful, expensive and time consuming injuries from chainsaws when they can be reduced and prevented. Statistics show that leg injuries account for the largest percentage of chainsaw injuries and these injuries can be the most expensive. Clogger trousers offer many outstanding features for the professional chainsaw operator. The generous fit allows more freedom of movement and better air circulation, all stress points are reinforced, and the tough polycotton material on the front provides excelled wear resistance. The ‘ARRESTEX’ fabric which clogs and stops the chain extends 240 degrees around the front of the leg area, providing excellent protection from even larger saws. These trousers are recommended for ground workers and are available in two styles, STANDARD WEIGHT and SUMMER WEIGHT. The main diffirence between these is the summer weight style has an open weave panel on the back of the legs to further improve air circulation. CLOGGER ARM BANDS PRODUCT CODE AP21SA Small AP21MA Medium AP21LA Large Like all Clogger garments, these armbands are designed to prevent injury when using chainsaw. Sold singularly in small, medium and large sizes. CLOGGER ARBORIST TROUSERS These trousers have been developed specifically for tree surgeons. They have full 360 degrees protection to the lower leg, deeper pockets with zip fastening and extra strength panels to the crutch area. For sizes see chart. CODE / STYLE SIZE STANDARD WAIST SIZE LENGTH IN LENGTH (Crunch - Bottom) SUMMER ARBORIST HCT79 HCT83 HCT87 HCT91 HCT95 HCT99 HCT103 HCT107 HCT79A HCT83A HCT87A HCT91A HCT95A HCT99A HCT103A HCT107A 79cm 83cm 87cm 91cm 95cm 99cm 103cm 107cm 103cm 104cm 106cm 108cm 109cm 110cm 110cm 110cm 75cm 76cm 77cm 78cm 79cm 80cm 80cm 80cm HCT79S HCT83S HCT87S HCT91S HCT95S HCT99S HCT103S HCT107S