26 219 PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT CLOGGER CHAINSAW CHAPS Perfect for workers using a chainsaw for only part of the day, as these chaps can be worn over work clothes or shorts and have a quick release buckles or a sturdy zip fastening to the lower leg. The tough nylon outer is water and oil resistant with ‘ARRESTEX’ protective material to protect the front of the leg. Bright orange markings on the lower leg improves safety. CLOGGER FIRE RETARDANT CHAPS Specially developed for fire fighters, these chaps have a ‘proban’ treated outer shell for fire retardancy. They have a zip fastening on the lower leg. CLOGGER CHAINSAW VESTS If you are using a chainsaw from an EPV bucket or above waist height, where accidental contact with your waist or shoulders is likely, then these vests are for you. Clogger vests are available in two style, the HCV for normal daytime use and the HCVR which has lime fabric and high visibility tape. Both models have layers of ‘ARRESTEX’ fabric to the upper chest and shoulder area which provide a high degree of protection in the incidence of kickback. With rugged zip fastening and BUCKLE ZIP CODE / STYLE SIZE HCCS HCCM HCCL HCCZS HCCZM HCCZL Small Medium Large STANDARD REFLECTIVE CODE / STYLE SIZE HCVS HCVM HCVL HCVRS HCVRM HCVRL Small - 94cm Chest Medium - 102cm Chest Large - 110cm Chest HCVXL HCVRXL Extra Large - 118cm Chest CODE / STYLE SIZE OVERALL LENGTH HCCZPS HCCZPM HCCZPL Small Medium Large 950mm 1,000mm 1,050mm OVERALL LENGTH 950mm 1,000mm 1,050mm Buckle Zip HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU