220 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY CLOGGER TRIMMER CHAPS Product Code HCTRIM These superior quality chaps are designed to protect our lower legs from flying stones or debris. Has a softer inner lining and elasticised Velcro straps. One size fits all. BAHCO BACK SUPPORT BELT Product Code BA4750HDBI A quality product designed to reduce back strain and fatigue whilst pruning. The leatherbelt can be used to attach lopper and pruner holsters, while the wide padded back support is to provide relief from back strain. SNAKEPROTEX™ LEGGINGS Product Code SPC11 OHS policies affecting councils, landscape contractors and other businesses require adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees. Protection for outside workers from snakes is an issue fast becoming a recognised critical need. The result of several months’ investigation, design and testing is Snakeprotex™. This is a pair of gaiters designed to protect the lower leg (knee to ankle). Five of the most common venomous Australian snakes were put in the vicinity of the Snakeprotex™ and encouraged to bite the fabric which was fitted to a realistically sized dummy leg. None of the bites resulted in venom penetration through the garment. To quote from the test report provided by the herpetologist: “In all cases when a snake bit the gaiter on the model leg or bit the gaiter separately, no venom was detected on the inside of the gaiter, even when examined under magnification.” A more detailed graphic brochure displaying this product is available. Please contact StrataGreen. Avaliable in Medium, Large & 3XL. UNISAFE AIRFLOW HELMET Product Code TA570 We think this is the best cap on the market. It has been designed as a vented helmet to ensure cooler and more comfortable protection and is manufactured from lightweight ABS plastic for strength without fatigue. It is also available in polycarbonate for fighter temperature applications. It has accessory slots to allow hearing and face protection to be fitted and a rain gutter for extra comfort. Available in 5 colours.