222 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BOLLE BLAST BRUSHCUTTER FACEGUARD Product Code B6091923 This unique faceguard is extremely popular with persons operating line trimmers or brushcutters. It is extremely lightweight and compact, providing excellent protection to both eyes and lower face. Because the eyepiece is sealed off from the wearer’s nose and mouth, there is no problems with ‘fogging up’. The lenses and head band are fully replaceable. MAXISAFE CLEARVIEW VISOR Product Code EBG435 A high quality brow guard visor made from clear, high impact resistant polycarbonate. This ensures the operator has unobstructed vision while still receiving complete face protection. Features include a ratchet harness and a chin guard. MAXISAFE CLEAR VISOR & EARMUFFS Product Code EBE565 A very popular and comfortable to wear combination, the EBE565 is lightweight and offers excellent hearing and face protection. The earmuffs have a 27dB rating with high attenuation. UNISAFE HEADBAND EARMUFFS Product Code RB44 These earmuffs feature wide diameter cups and soft foam pads for a high level of comfort. They have a high attenuation of 29dB. MAXISAFE MESH VISOR & EARMUFFS Product Code EMV439 This high quality Visor & Earmuff is a rachet adjustable head gear with a replaceable mesh visor and class 4 earmuffs. These are easy to assemble and are designed to use with chainsaws, trimmers and mowers. The joint requires no maintenance and can never rust. Accommodates safety specs, goggles and respirators. UNISAFE BRUSHCUTTER COMBINATION Product Code EHF10MY This product is very well designed, and provides excellent ear and face protection while being light and well balanced. The earmuffs are rated at 31dB. The visor has a steel mesh insert for safety.