224 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY EAR PLUGS PRODUCT CODE HEC644 Corded HEU645 Un-corded Made from moulded, soft polymer foam, these ear plugs give a superior and more comfortable fit and come pre-packaged in a convenient dispenser for wall mounting. They are rated with a noise attenuation of 27dB and are also available in a corded version for greater security. UNISAFE SINGLE FILTER RESPIRATOR Product Code RP461 Economical, lightweight and comfortable like all our range of respirators, this single filter neoprene respirator has twin exhalation valves and is excellent for light spraying jobs. Available in small or large. Note: Filters sold separately. Purchase RP107 filters to suit. UNISAFE TWIN FILTER RESPIRATOR Product Code RP462 Designed for heavier spraying jobs. The RP462 has twin neoprene filter and twin exhalation valves. Available in small or large. Note: Filters sold separately. Purchase RP212A filters to suit. MAXISAFE NON-TOXIC DUST MASK Product Code RES500 Economical protection against nuisance dust. Not suitable for toxic sprays, etc. Packed in boxes of 50 masks. MAXISAFE P2 RESPIRATORS PRODUCT CODE RES503 P2 RES504 P2 with Valve Disposable, lightweight respirators with an optional valve for improved breathability. Have a P2 rating and are suitable for protection from mechanically generated dusts and mists. Packed in boxes of 20 masks for the non-valved and 10 for the valved. MAXISAFE TWIN FILTER RESPIRATOR Product Code RRS01M Built around high protection and long life, the RRS01M is made from TPE for greater comfort and more protective seal. Comes with a four piece harness to distribute the weight more evenly and a head cradle for additional support and comfort. The twin exhalation valve means air is expelled more quickly. Note: Filters sold separately. Purchase RCAA2 filters to suit.