PRODUCT CODE GUAGE WT.EA 3.4mm LEC10ES 0.23kg 20 PCS/BOX LANDSCAPE EDGING 27 EDGEMAXX COMMERCIAL GRADE GALVANISED STEEL LANDSCAPE EDGING The EdgeMaxx range of durable steel edging is an excellent way of establishing those perfect, permanent borders of your landscape project. These innovative edgings are hot rolled from ductile steel. Each piece has sockets for concealed staking, and spliced overlaps for seamless joins. Fixing stakes and a range of accessories are available. For precise, attractive edging around your specimen trees, use the preformed tree rings in 0.78m, 1.2m and 1.8m diameter. Hot Rolled low carbon steel is soft enough to bend flat on itself in any direction without cracking and ductile enough for shallow drawing. Surface is galvanised for maximum durability. Please Note: Stakes are not included with purchase of edging lengths or Tree Edge Pro. HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU PRODUCT CODE LENGTH THICKNESS EDGING WIDTH WT. PER PIECE STAKES/PIECE PCS. PER PALLET LEC714G 2m 2.0mm 100mm 3.2kg 3 300 LEC712G 2m 3.2mm 100mm 5.0kg 3 250 TREE EDGE PRO PRODUCT CODE DIAMETER PIECES 0.78m LEC14TR2 1 1.2m LEC14TR4 2 1.8m LEC14TR6 2 GUAGE 1.8mm 1.8mm 1.8mm STAKES 4 6 8 WEIGHT EACH 4.8kg 7.9kg 12kg END STAKES Cover the cut off edge and secure the edging in place at that point. SPLICING STAKES FIXING STAKES PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION 300mm steel stakes LEC10XSG 40 400mm steel stakes LEC11XSG 40 PCS/BOX PRODUCT CODE GUAGE WT.EA 1.8mm LEC14SS 0.23kg 20 PCS/BOX END STAKES Square off and provide stake slots for the end of a line of edging. Includes 2 attached stakes. PRODUCT CODE GAUGE STAKES WT.EA PCS/BOX LEC14EP 1.8mm 0.32kg 20 2