RHINOMESH ROCK MATTRESS 26 31 GABIONS RhinoMesh Rock Mattress is a ‘thin’ Gabion and traditionally has been used in applications such as creek and channel linings where long term scour is an issue. The confinement of appropriately sized stones within a mesh effectively increases the resistance of such rock to flow movement and subsequently protects the underlying soil from scour. RhinoMesh Rock Mattress is typically supplied in a plan area of 6m x 2m with varying thickness products varying between 0.17m to 0.5m. Like the RhinoMesh gabions the product is available in varying wire coatings to suit the project conditions. STOCKED RHINOMESH ROCK MATTRESS SIZE (NOMINAL) GALFAN COATED PRODUCT CODE L (M) 6 RMRM62017G 6 RMRM62023G 6 RMRM6203G 6 W (M) 2 2 2 2 H (M) 0.17 0.23 0.3 0.5 RMRM62050G GALFAN AND PVC COATED PRODUCT CODE L (M) 6 RMRM62017GP 6 RMRM62023GP 6 RMRM6203GP 6 W (M) 2 2 2 2 H (M) 0.17 0.23 0.3 0.5 RMRM62050GP Mesh Type Double twist hexagonal woven wire mesh in accordance to EN10223-3 Mesh Size The mesh openings are hexagonal and of nominal dimensions of 60mm x 80mm and conform to EN10223-3 Standard Finish The nominal mesh wire for the body of the mattress is 1.0mm in diameter and of nominal 2.4mm for the selvedge wire. The body wire, selvedge wire and lacing wire are in accordance with EN10218-2 and EN10223-3 Corrosion Protection Galfan coated to EN10244-2 Class A (245g/m2 ). (PVC Coating is also available) Jointing All joints and connections are formed with continuous 2.2mm Galfan Galvanised lacing wire and/or high tensile 3mm Galfan Galvanised “C” rings Diaphragms Each mattress equal or greater than 2m in length has internal diaphragms spaced at 1 metre intervals. (i.e a mattress 6 metres in length will have 5 internal diaphragms) Lacing Wire All mattresses are supplied with coils of sufficient lacing wire (nominal 5% by weight of the units) TECHNICAL DATA APPLICATIONS Creek & Channel Lining Slope Retention Landscape Feature Overflow areas Civil Engineering Works HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU