BIOTEK™ JUTE MATTING 26 35 BioTek™ Jute Matting is a 100% biodegradable and organic Geotextile that is used for soil stabilisation, weed suppression, erosion control and moisture retention. BioTek™ Jute Matting is manufactured with a 5oz hessian scrim for increased life and durability. Life expectancy for BioTek™ Jute Matting is 18 months to 3 years depending on site conditions. BioTek™ Jute Matting is available in two grades - 500gsm and 800gsm. PRODUCT CODE ROLL SIZE 1.83m x 25m (45.75m2 ) WEIGHT PER ROLL ± 23kg approx PRODUCT WEIGHT 500g/m2 PRODUCT THICKNESS 5mm LIFE EXPECTANCY 18 months JM2025500 1.83m x 25m (45.75m2 ) ± 36kg approx 800g/m2 8mm 24-36 months JM2025800 1.83m x 25m (45.75m2 ) ± 36kg approx 800g/m2 8mm 24-36 months JM2025800/PS (Pre-Split, 4/sqm) BENEFITS BioTek™ Jute forms a mulch that suppresses weed growth and increases moisture retention in the soil to aid in the establishment of long term vegetation BioTek™ Jute is 100% organic and bio-degradable Excellent method of stabilising slopes and channels while waiting for vegetation to establish Easily fastened with steel or bio-degradable pins BioTek™ Jute is excellent for moisture retention, reducing water needs, freeing up time and money Available pre-split for ease of planting (4 slits/sqm) BioTek™ Jute has hygroscopic properties (absorbing or attracting moisture from the air) EROSION CONTROL B I O D EGRADA B L E 5oz hessian 250-400gsm needle punched jute fibres 250-400gsm needle punched jute fibres Anchor Trench as required Minimum 100mm Overlap Pin located as required to resist movement of the blanket TYPICAL INSTALLATION DETAILS Anchor Trench as required Min. 300mm Min. 200mm TYPICAL ANCHOR TRENCH DETAILS Pin located as required HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU