26 37 BIOTEK™ COIR EROSION CONTROL BLANKET BioTek™ Coir Erosion Control Blankets are effective natural fibre blankets used to protect slopes and channels from the impact of run-off and preventing sediment loss during rehabilitation. Coir blankets are a simple mass of coir fibres stitched together between two fine nets. This ‘closed’ blanket is ideal for sandy soils where fine particles can easily be eroded by wind or rain. As they slowly bio-degrade BioTek™ Coir Blankets add nutrients to the soil and improve its quality. BioTek™ Coir Blankets are available in different weights depending on the needs of the project. Lighter weight coir blankets are used for protecting seeded areas and heavier weight blankets are for erosion control and this can also be cut to allow for planting. PRODUCT CODE ROLL SIZE 2.4m x 25m (60m2 ) WEIGHT PER ROLL ± 42kg approx PRODUCT WEIGHT 700g/m2 PRODUCT THICKNESS 8mm LIFE EXPECTANCY 24-36 months ECB700 EROSION CONTROL B I O D EGRADA B L E BIOTEK™ COIR ROPE Used traditionally to secure Biotek™ Coir logs, Biotek™ Coir Rope can be used for any application a bio-degradable rope or tie is required. Made from twisted coir fibre on an easy to use roll. 8mm x 50m Product Code CR850 HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU