26 39 MIRA CELL CELLULAR SYSTEM The Mira-Cell Cellular confinement system is one of the most advanced technologies available for solving challenging soil stability problems. It consists of an engineered, high strength network of interconnected cells that confines and stabilises soils. The Mira-Cell system provides an innovative solution to soil stability problems in slope and channel protection, load support and earth retention applications. After the Mira-Cell Cellular System is installed specific infill materials are used to backfill the cells and create a strong, permanent protection and stabilisation system. The Mira-Cell Cellular System can be used for slope protection, channel protection, earth retention and load support. A variety of infill materials can be used based upon details of the specific project/problem. EROSION CONTROL BENEFITS Providing optimum root lock up vegetation, creating more stable vegetated mass and healthier soil environment Acts as natural drainage patterns in the soil Top soil with various vegetation Aggregates from sand and gravel to larger rock or stone Concrete of various strengths and surface finishes On-site available fill A combination of the above to meet project special conditions The Mira-Cell Cellular confinement system has an engineered pattern of perforation in the cell wall. This hole pattern acts as soil erosion resistant material by: Two cell sizes are available, large and small, and also a variety of different cell heights, to suit specific projects. MCL-100-30 MCL-050-30 MC-100-30 MC-050-30 SECTION LENGTH (m) WIDTH (m) HEIGHT (m) TOTAL AREA (m2 ) WEIGHT (kg) CELL SIZE 12.19 2.44 100mm 29.74 24.7 Large 488mm x 406mm 12.19 2.44 50mm 29.74 12.3 Large 488mm x 406mm 6.10 2.44 100mm 14.86 24.7 Small 244mm x 203mm 6.10 2.44 50mm 14.86 12.3 Small 244mm x 203mm HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU