26 41 GEO-TEK™ GROUND STAPLES Geo-Tek™ Ground Staples are used for securing weed mat, jute and coir matting, soil saver, geotextiles and turf. They are made from galvanised steel for superior durability and rust protection. They are U-shaped and come in variety of lengths to suit different applications - i.e. the steeper the slope or the softer the soil the longer the length of pin that should be used. They have sharpened ends for ease of penetration. TERRAMAXX SHORELINE PROTECTION SYSTEM The TerraMaxx Shoreline Protection System incorporates extremely robust geotextile containers designed to be filled with sand, such that they from a stable, durable container for use in coastal and other hydraulic applications. The TerraMaxx Containers are based on a specifically manufactured non-woven, needle punched, staple fibre geotextile with enhanced filtration, puncture, abrasion and extreme UV resistance characteristics. This provides for maximum durability in harsh environment. The sewn seams are uniquely configured to maximise the mechanical characteristics of the geotextile and provide long term durability in a wide range of environments. PRODUCT CODE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION EROSION CONTROL GSC035 PRODUCT CODE DIMENSIONS (mm) PCS PER CARTON 200 x 35 x 4 WMGS200 200 300 x 50 x 4 WMGS300 200 450 x 50 x 5 WMGS450 100 600 x 50 x 5 WMGS600 100 These containers are the smallest of the TerraMaxx containers. Generally used on inland protection works, stream protection and small onshore structures in very mild climates and conditions. GSC075 These medium sized containers are used typically in sea walls, groyne structures in mild conditions, emergency works and temporary structure due to their versatility and rapid construction techniques. GSC250 These are the largest of the mechanically filled containers. These containers are used in revetments and groynes due to their large size and high stability, even under the harshest conditions. Filling and placement of these very large containers is achieved using a specialised hydraulic filling apparatus and placement cradles to ensure complete filling and a consistent, neat finish. (D) (W) (L) PRODUCT CODE 0.35m3 TYPICAL FILLED DIMENSIONS LENGTH WIDTH DEPTH FILLED MASS GSC035 0.75m3 GSC075 2.50m3 GSC250 1.30m 0.80m 1.60m 1.20m 2.4m 1.80m 0.25m 600kg 0.40m 1,400kg 0.65m 4,500kg 300 x 50 x 5 WMGS3005 200 CAPACITY HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU