44 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY PRODUCT CODE DIAMETER (cm) S1020 10 sq KB2025 20 HEIGHT (cm) 20 26 VOLUME (litres) 1.5 8 (mm) WALL THICKNESS 0.8 0.8 KITS/PACK 100 20 K2036 20 K3025 30 36 26 11 18 1.2 1.2 10 10 K3033 30 K3040 40 30 30 23 28 1.2 1.2 10 10 K4036 40 37 46 1.2 10 K6033 60 K6040 60 33 40 93 113 1.2 1.2 5 5 ROCKETPOT® RocketPot® containers root-prune trees by guiding root tips to open air. It’s open walls and floor permits high oxygen permeation of the growing medium. Very fine root tips thrive and grow in the moist air in the pore spaces until they reach the cusp end where they lose apical dominance. Root branching occurs well back within the root ball and several new roots grow to adjoining cusps. This process repeats at an accelerating rate until the growing medium is colonised with fresh new roots. When all medium’s pore spaces are filled with roots, the root growth begins to slow down. Growth of the head of the tree starts to slow too, in equilibrium with its root system. With RocketPot® the roots do not spiral, the plants look healthier and can be held safely for much longer than other pots. When the RocketPot® is removed and the tree is planted, the abundance of active roots grow outwards and downwards to colonise the new site. Watch your tree grow like a rocket! The shelf life of seedlings in forestry tubes and smooth walled pots is dangerously low. In S1020, 20% open wall and base area provides very high oxygen permeation. Root tips love the moisture and grow rapidly. The root ball of S1020 seedlings will become full of outward pointing roots and become cohesive.