StrataGreen 46 LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY TREE WOUND DRESSING PRODUCT CODE Ideal for preventing disease in recently pruned trees and plants. Applied directly after pruning, it cures and closes tree wounds, allowing bark to breathe while the cut is healing. Commonly used for painting root balls when transplanting. TW300 300ml TW500 500ml TW2000 2L TW10000 10L SEED AND CHEMICAL SCALES Ideal portion control scales for weighing out extremely lightweight products such as seeds and concentrated chemicals. Able to weigh to 1kg in 0.5g increments. Power source is an AC Adaptor + Battery Operation. Pan dimensions are 230 x 190mm and scale dimensions are 265 x 250 x 103mm. Product Code SJ1000HS FEATURES INCLUDE: Fast Weighing Response Large 25mm LCD Durable Casing Large Stainless Steel Weighing Pan Full Digital Calibration Status Indicator Automatic Power Off Function Dual Power Supply Spirit Level & Adjustable Feet Light Weight PERLITE PRODUCT CODE Growing Medium for horticulture. Improves soil porosity, allowing air to reach even the tiniest of roots. Improves the soils capacity for moisture retention. Perlite is non toxic, neutral pH, sterile and light and easy to use. Available in medium and coarse grades. 100 litre bags. P400 Medium Grade P500 Coarse Grade PHYTOCLEAN DISINFECTANT CLEANER Phytoclean is a revolutionary disinfectant cleaner. Specially designed for the control of Phytophthora Cinnamomi (Dieback Spores) and is effective general purpose microbiocide and algicide and is classified a non-hazardous product. Phytoclean also has far more rapid performance and faster kill time as compared to sodium hypochlorite or phenolic based products. It is effective in as little as 30 seconds. Phytoclean can be used in footbaths, for high pressure or automatic wash down of machines and for spraying or wiping of hard surfaces and tools. Phytoclean is available in 5L, 20L and 200L drums. Product Code PHYTO ENVY ANTI-TRANSPIRANT Envy Anti-Transpirant can substantially reduce moisture losses by up to 50%, eliminate sun and windburn damage, as well as increase frost by an additional 4 degrees. Envy will not impede plant growth or photosynthesis, is non-toxic, pH neutral and will biodegrade in sunlight. Ideal for use when transplanting or transporting plants, for indoor plants or for extreme conditions such as heat, wind or frost. Keep your plants green with Envy! Available in 1L and 20L containers. PRODUCT CODE E60070 1L E40773 20L