26 49 NURSERY AND PLANT PROPAGATION PRODUCTS PLANTER BAGS StrataGreen stocks a range of heavy duty woven Planter Bags with handles. SONO TAPE TOOL An indispensable tool for simply tying small plants, vines, vegetables etc. The ‘SONO’ ties, staples and cuts in one operation with on hand. Tape and staples available. Includes a ‘Bonus’ Box of Staples. Product Code NJ99 DURA TAPENER TAPE PRODUCT CODE This green tapener tape is designed for use with tapener guns. It is a 15um PVC material and is packaged 10 x 26m rolls per box. DT15 15cm STAPLES FOR TAPENER GUN These staple are genuine replacement staples for tapener guns and are packaged 10,000 staples per box. Product Code DUS1000 PYTHON MULTI-FUNCTION STAPLE GUN A heavy duty stapler which is ideal for fastening tree ties to timber stakes. (Staples to suit A1112-2M) Product Code AT-901 PB11L 11L PRODUCT CODE PB15L 15L PB20L 20L PB25LT 25L Tall PB75L 75L PB100L 100L PB200L 200L PB300L 300L PB400L 400L PB35L 35L PB45L 45L PB500L 500L PB1000L 1000L CHEMJET TREE INJECTOR The Chemjet® Injector is a spring-loaded device, with a 20mm tapered `nozzle’ to assist when placing the injector into the tree. Like a syringe the chemical is `drawn’ into the `chamber’ of the injector in measured 10, 15 or 20ml quantities. The injector is then `locked off’ by turning the handle in a clockwise direction. The aim of tree injection is to utilise the trees natural transport system to distribute pesticides, fungicides and fertilisers to the areas where they are most effective without releasing any of these chemicals in the environment. Product Code CJTI01 HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU