50 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY BUDDING AND GRAFTING TAPE PRODUCT CODE Premium grade budding and grafting tape is lightly embossed and widely used by professionals. Roll length is 50m. Widths available are 12mm and 25mm. DUGRA12 12mm DUGRA25 25mm RYSET FIELD GRAFTING TOOL Robust, hand operated tool that takes the guesswork out of grafting. Comes with interchangeable blades for both Omega/Slot Grafting and Bud Grafting. All parts replaceable. Product Code GT572 BAMBOO CANES StrataGreen stocks a large variety of different sized bamboo canes, for both nursery staking and revegetation projects. Stocked sizes are as follows (other sizes are available to order). PRODUCT CODE SIZE BC6845 6-8 x 450mm BC101260 10-12 x 600mm BC81075 8-10 x 750mm BC121475 12-14 x 750mm BC81091 8-10 x 910mm BC111391 11-13 x 910mm BC1113120 11-13 x 1,200mm BC1517150 15-17 x 1,500mm BC16181800 16-18 x 1,800mm 1,000/bale 500/bale 500/bale 250/bale 500/bale 250/bale 250/bale 200/bale 100/bale QUANTITY/BALE