54 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY STRATAGREEN TREE GUARD SLEEVES These sleeves are widely used for protecting young seedlings from harsh elements and harmful small browsing animals. Dimensions are 450mm high x 350mm wide. Three Bamboo canes are used to support each sleeve. 500 sleeves per box. Product Code TS4535 STRATAGREEN MESH SAPLING GUARD These economical sapling guards are 440mm long and 250mm wide. They are light green in colour and are widely used for protecting young trees and shrubs, particularly in hot, dry areas where maximum ventilation is required. Three bamboo canes are generally used to support the guard. Packed in boxes of 200 guards. Product Code PTG4525 STRATAGREEN CARTON TREEGUARDS A first class way of protecting your faster growing young trees is to milk cartons. These cartons provide first class shelter for tube-stock before finally bio-degrading into the soil. When using these cartons, only two bamboo canes are required per tree. We stock 2 litre cartons in boxes of 250 pieces. Product Code PLMC2 STRATAGREEN FLUTED TREEGUARDS PRODUCT CODE Robust tree guard made from fluted sheet, designed to save installation time and be reused. A more durable option to the traditional plastic sleeves, the guards come pre-split at the back for a hardwood or bamboo supporting stake. The tabbed guards can be opened up and installed around existing trees. 50 fluted guards per pack. TGT450 450mmH, 200mm sides, Tabbed TGW600 600mmH, 200mm sides TGW450 450mmH, 200mm sides