55 JUTE TREE SQUARES These tree squares are a successful method of keeping weeds down and conserving valuable moisture around a young tree while it becomes established. Comes complete with a center split for the tree. Standard bale quantity is 100 tree squares. 370mm square. Product Code JTS370 REVEGETATION AND TREE PLANTING VINE GUARD PRODUCT CODE This economical vine guard is 135mm wide on a continuous roll that is perforated at 450mm intervals. This vine guard is ideal for protecting young trees and vines from spray drift and frost. Green or white available. VG450W 200um VG450G 100um SENTREE SAPLING PROTECTOR Sentrees protect trees from line-trimmer, rodent and lawnmower damage. They come tightly coiled and are simply opened out and placed around the tree trunk. For larger trees, Sentrees can link together. Sentrees are 230mm high. 100 per box. Product Code ST230 BAMBOO CANES FOR TREE SLEEVES Our 750mm high Bamboo Canes have an extra tough 12-14mm thickness for easier installation in difficult soil and to provide longer life. The standard bale quantity is 250 canes. Order six bales per box of StrataGreen Tree Sleeves. Product Code BC121475 BIOTEK™ HESSIAN TREE SLEEVES These innovative tree guards are made from biodegradable hessian. This allows you to install the guard around the plant without having to worry about returning at a later date to remove the guard. Hessian is manufactured from jute fibres, which is a 100% natural and organic product. Over time the hessian tree guard will naturally biodegrade away into the soil and will add nutrients to the plant and soil while doing so. BioTek™ Hessian Tree Sleeves have lay flat dimensions of 450mm high x 390mm wide, and are packaged in bundles of 50 guards. Use 3 bamboo canes or wooden stakes to support each sleeve. Product Code HTS450 B I O D EGRADA B L E HOTLINE 1300 866 367  EMAIL sales@stratagreen.com.au  WEB STRATAGREEN.COM.AU