60 StrataGreen LANDSCAPE EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY 18mm FLAT TREE TIE Very popular amongst hoticulturists due to its versatility and easy of tying, this Tree Tie is manufactured from PVC. It has excellent elasticity, stretching up to 300% its own length. This prevents the tie snapping under strain and ensures the sapling is not choked as it grows. Available in 100m and 400m lengths on a convenient plastic roll. PRODUCT CODE FT40018 18mm x 400m FT10018 18mm x 100m EASY-TIE RUBBER TREE TIES EASY-TIE RUBBER TREE STRAP These innovative products expand as your plants grow. Can be released and re-fastened. Have a long life expentancy of 3-5 years and are made from a durable compound for maximum stretch and strength. This heavy duty long lasting tree belt has a length of 480mm and like the Easy-Tie Tree Ties is fastenable in a wide range of positions. It has holes cast into it for nailing to hardwood stakes. It has long life expectancy and inbuilt stretch to cope with wind throw. PRODUCT CODE ET130 130mm x 2.5mm (500/Pk) ET170 170mm x 4mm (500/Pk) ETP130 130mm x 2.5mm (25/Pk) ETP170 170mm x 4mm (25/Pk) ET300 300mm x 6mm (200/Pk) ETP300 300mm x 6mm (10/Pk) 30mm FLAT TREE TIE This Tie has the same features as the 18mm flat tree tie but with a bigger 30mm width. This increased strength, making it useful for supporting larger newly planted trees. PRODUCT CODE FT30030 30mm x 300m FT10030 30mm x 100m CHAINLOCK RUBBER TREE TIE This tree tie is similar in appearance and use to the GT720 Maxilock Tie, but is made from UV stabilised rubber which makes it softer on the plant stem. Available in 25m long coils. Product Code CL5 Product Code EASTR BIOTEK™ HESSIAN TREE TIE A bio-degradable tree tie, which is gentle on the tree. Roll length is 33mm x 50mm wide. Product Code JTT5033 MAXILOCK TREE TIE Product Code GT720 A larger version of GT710, for more advanced trees. Length 50m, width 26mm. MAXILOCK TREE TIE A fast and secure way of securing trees to stakes - simply push Maxilock through itself and twist to secure. Standard roll contains 100mm. Width 12mm. Product Code GT710 B I O D EGRADA B L E